The Ohana Way – What to Expect As Our Client

Over the past few weeks, we have had multiple people ask us if their pet doesn’t get better can they simply come back to see us or should they go to ER? We reassured every single one that as clients of Ohana Animal Hospital we do everything in our power to keep you and your pet out of the ER. Now of course there are true emergencies that a general practice can’t handle, special surgeries that are needed, or specialist opinions that we just can’t avoid. Also, if we are closed and your pet is sick, ER is going to be the best option for your pet. However, if you are our client and your pet is sick, and truly needs to be seen today, we will do everything possible to get him or her in TODAY.


At Ohana Animal Hospital we always start off by taking a thorough history and performing a physical exam, which allows us to make the best recommendations for you and your pet. Sometimes those recommendations include simple things, and other times in our sick patients, it can include tests like blood work, urine tests,  X-rays, and sometimes even hospitalization on IV fluids and other medications. Sometimes we talk about all these options, but if your pet is acting stable we may decide together as a team to start off simple, and leave those more advanced tests for if we don’t start feeling better over the next 1-2 days.


This is where the Ohana Way comes into play. Our philosophy of treating you and your pets like family isn’t just a cute thing we say- we named our hospital for this philosophy. What this means is you have nothing to fear if you say “hold off on the blood work today”, because if your pet still isn’t feeling well after a couple of days and you want to do that test NOW, even if we are completely booked up, we will find a way to see you. Whether its working you in between appointments or offering you a drop-off exam, we will make sure you aren’t turned away and forced to go to ER, unless that is in your pet’s best interest.

We hope you appreciate our way of doing things. Now if its something simple and non-emergent like a skin rash in an otherwise healthy dog, well, we might make you wait until tomorrow! 🙂

The Doctors at Ohana Animal Hospital


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