Grapes belong in Wine Bottles, Not your dog, cat, or ferret’s stomach!

We at Ohana Animal Hospital are so excited to be a part of our first Livermore Wine Country Downtown Street Fest this weekend! To go along with the theme of grapes and wine we thought we should do a quick post about grapes and raisins (a post on the danger of hops in dogs to follow shortly), as many people do still not know that they can be very toxic for our pets.

Bruin 2
Our Pal Bruin from the Steven Kent Winery – Don’t worry, he avoids the grapes!!

Did you know that grapes and raisins can actually cause kidney failure in dogs, cats, and ferrets?? This toxicity is very interesting (we don’t actually know why some animals are affected, or if the level of sickness has to do with how many grapes are ingested), and about 50% of dogs that ingest grapes or raisins show no signs of being sick. The other 50% of dogs will develop lethargy (being sleepy), anorexia (not wanting to eat), vomiting (I think we all get this one), diarrhea, kidney failure, and even death. It is very important that if you ever notice your dog or cat ingesting raisins or grapes (out in the vineyard, off your kitchen table, trail mix, granola, cereal, etc.) that you call your veterinarian immediately. Grapes are actually digested fairly slowly, so we will usually try to get your animal to vomit any undigested grapes. It is always a good idea to have your veterinarian start your animal on intravenous fluids (to keep the kidneys flushed out, and to try to get the animal to excrete more of the toxin), and to check some blood work over the next 72 hours to see if the kidneys have been injured or not. Many animals will do well if treatment starts early; so don’t just leave these intoxications to chance.


We hope that this quick post will help keep your pets safe this weekend and beyond. We hope everyone has fun at the Livermore Wine Country Downtown Street Fest this weekend, and tastes some great wine and food. Ohana Animal Hospital will be having a booth out in front of Sauced the whole weekend, so make sure you stop in and say hello! Come spin the prize wheel at our booth for free exams, pet toys, and enter the raffle for free flea/tick and heartworm preventatives! We will have some tortoises to meet, and there may be a guest appearance by a very large lizard at some point on Sunday!



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