Don’t Forget To Search For Treasure

I got the idea for this blog while I was watching my daughter this past Sunday. My daughter is just over 2 years old now, and as I suspect most 2 year old are, she is full of energy and wonder. She enjoys riding her bike, running with our dogs, helping take care of all of our crazy exotic pets, playing at the park, and as I learned on Sunday, looking for treasure. I sure had forgotten about searching for treasure, or at least the treasure she was thinking about. These days I suppose my idea of treasure has changed, but she has the right idea, and I am glad that she reminded me. Treasure to her was a beautiful butterfly, a fancy rock, an old tool long buried in the dirt. Treasure for me was a day exploring the natural world with my daughter.

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As Ohana Animal Hospital has quickly grown, I have noticed the increasing numbers of veterinarians and veterinary students following our Instagram, Facebook, and Blog accounts. I am so excited that I get to share my experiences with veterinarians and clients alike. I usually write about fun surgeries I have done, or interesting patients I have encountered, but today I want to write about trying to balance life (mostly because this is an area where I struggle, as do most veterinarians I know). At Ohana Animal hospital we not only care about animals, we also care about our clients, friends, and colleagues. This blog is dedicated to every adult who has forgotten the benefits of hunting for treasure.

I have had an incredibly interesting career so far. I have worked alongside some amazing veterinarians and co-workers, I have played a role in discovering a few new diseases, have had the honor of speaking to various groups, have published scientific papers, and have as of recently opened my own state-of-the-art hospital with my wife in Livermore, CA. I have accomplished a lot in my career so far, and to be honest, I feel like I am just getting started. It has not all been easy though, and even now, every day brings with it a new stressor. My stress now involves bank loans, student loans, managing numerous critical patients at once, did I remember to eat lunch, am I a good father, did we get any new good online reviews today, am I wearing two matching shoes, etc. We all deal with stress in our daily lives, and I am not going to try to tell you all that I deal with any more than anyone else. That is why I feel this message is important for everyone, and was worth me writing.

I was hanging out with my daughter on my day off, and I asked her what she wanted to do, as it was such a nice day outside. She is only 2, and I can’t always tell exactly what she is telling me, but this day she said, “Daddy, wait here”. “Ok” I thought, as she headed for the house. She crawled in through the doggy door (this leads me back to the stressor listed above—am I a good father) to get something she had in mind. She grabbed an empty bucket (from where I have no idea), came back outside, and said, “Look for treasure!” I am not going to lie, I did not even know she knew that term, but I heard her loud and clear. We spent the next hour walking around the yard, looking under trees, picking up fancy rocks, and anything else that was considered treasure to my budding pirate sidekick. It was not until we were done that I realized I had forgotten about everything that I had been pondering in my professional life. I was able to allow myself to be a kid again briefly, and it was nice.

Life gets busy, and I know that my fellow veterinarians understand the stress that comes along with this lifestyle. I am not complaining, and I would not have it any other way. I love what I do, and I am happier now in my professional life than I have ever been before. I know it helped put some things in perspective the other day, and maybe it will help you in your life as well. Make yourself a cup of coffee, get a nice treasure-collecting pail, and go out and search for treasure my friends. Doctor’s orders!!